Our main focus is the needs for the corporates. In the present scenario the offices have become paperless, thus the need for printing is also reduced. This need is further marginalized by more use of electronic media than the print media. But still there are many needs which can not be replaced such as Brochures, invitations, some hard copy communications etc. and Aay Kay Printers is mainly focusing these needs. Besides these requirements some new innovations are there such as, in house magazines soft or hard, motivational posters etc. We also promise you the never ending innovations.
Website Designing Development India Brochures and Catalogues
Our designers are awaiting your valued orders to provide you with astonishing designs, clubbed together with wide variety of paper media and world class processing and printing. We leave no effort to make your brochures gives a presentation which gives a true and complete picture of your trade/product to your prospective clients. Thus we give you a full value for your investment. Click here to view examples...
Website Designing Development India CD Covers and Stickers
Specially created CD covers in attractive design – standard or customized with CD stickers. For standard designs or great ideas click here.
Website Designing Development India Invitation
The success of any program lies on the people attending it. Therefore we always keep in mind that invitation should be capable of tempting the invitees to attend it. To achieve this we use vast variety of paper (Indian, imported or handmade), sober and elegant colours etc. to make the invitation innovative and attractive. Click here to view examples
Website Designing Development India In House Magazines
In house magazines should work as an effective HR management tool to bind the employees (true asset) with the company. An employee whose photo or something about him is reproduced in any form, he/she not only feels proud but also shows it to others who also get tempted for such environment. It should give a bright picture not only to the employees but also to the outside world. To achieve this we work together with you, concentrating on the content, colours, presentation etc. No matter the number of staff, we have solution of e-magazine for small offices, or even corporates with higher number of employees the solution is econoic. Please contact for low budget solutions.
Website Designing Development India Printed Stationery
With the paper less offices, there is a very little need for stationery. Still it is important component to project a image of company. It is only well designed, properly laid out stationery, which can break the monotony of work and gives the required information. Aay Kay Printers has 30 years experience in designing and producing the best of stationery. Whether it is visiting cards, letter heads, envelopes or the business forms used for records every effort is made to keep high standards with timely deliveries.
Website Designing Development India Identity Cards
We produce simply the best of Plastic Identity Cards with quality reproduction of photos, logos and other details required. Again the quantity does not matter. It may be for 1 or 1000 employees.
Website Designing Development India Motivational Posters
GREAT IDEAS WITH COMPLETELY REALISTIC THOUGHT AND COMPATIBLE PICTURE in a aesthetic, lighter mood is nothing but a great concept to motivate the employees, and attractive display for the office, factory, workshop or showroom. The posters with slogans and compatible grafiks can be produced as personalized. The large quantity is no requirement at all. The posters are printed on Vinyl and pasted on Sunboard to be mounted on the walls. Ask for a sample for only Rs. 200/- each. Click here to view our collection.
Website Designing Development India Welcome Kits
We can produce and provide the welcome kits for your new joining staff, which consists of Identity card, personalized scribbling pad, a motivational poster, a pen, a pen drive, mouse pad, calculator, pen or mobile stand or anything as specified specially.
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