Screen Printing

Unlike the offset process this is a direct method of printing, where the image is transferred from the photo sensitive film to a silken cloth having tiny pores. The exposed film covers the pores with non printable area leaving the pores with printed area open for ink to be passed on to the required media. The cloth already tied to a frame is fixed on printing table and the ink thru open pores is transferred to the media using a rubber squizee.

As compared to offset process this is a slow process and have certain limitation of toning etc. However is a very effective method for small print runs or small objects such as visiting cards or pre fabricated items such as envelopes. Another  advantage of this method is richness in colours,which provides elegance in  printing.

The grace of metallic prints or shiny or matte surface is all possibilities in this process, which is generally used for wedding cards etc.

The process is very useful for printing of visiting cards, stationery with small print runs, invitation cards, envelopes and any flat surfaces of different materials such as pens, plastic files & folders, conference bags etc, The only limitation is the accuracy of half tones and shades and every individual colour is printed separately thus increase in labour time and overall cost.


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